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Traveling wave tubes remain the best source for efficient generation of microwave power over broad frequency bandwidths. Pick from the three TWT selection tabs shown below to find a model to match your requirements.

Use the Search area to type in the model or parameter needed, and the corresponding TWT models will be shown. To view the data sheet, just click on the model number in the left column. 

Communication TWTs

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Power (W)Duty (%) Max.Typical Gain (dB) Min/Max @ Rated PoutEfficiency (%) TypicalModulation (Control Electrode)Output ConnectionWeight (lbs/kg) (NTE)
MEC 54175.85 - 6.45282**10039/4119GRIDWRD 5808.5/3.9
MEC 5337C/Ku350/40010038/5227GRIDWRD 5808.5/3.9
MTG 5336BC/Ku325/32510038/5227FEWRD 5808.5/3.9
MTG 5336AXC/Ku400/40010038/5230FEWRD 5808.5/3.9
MTG 5333C/X/Ku325/400/32510037/46/4827GRIDWRD 5808.5/3.9
MTG 5336C/X/Ku325/400/32510037/46/4827FEWRD 5808.5/3.9
MEC 5599C/X/Ku112/158/9110041/41/4028FEWRD 5804.5/2.0
MTG 5338XC/X/Ku350/600/35010037/46/4835*FEWRD 5808.5/3.9
MEC 5450X7.9-8.46001004635FECMR 1128.5/3.9
MEC 5499/A13.75 - 14.520010053/5532**FEWR 758.5/3.9
MEC 551713.75 - 14.529510048/5034FEWR 754.5/2.0
MEC 5516X and Ku12510051/5324FEWRDG 6505.5/2.5
MEC 5441Ku/DBS350/30010043/5129*GRIDWR 627.5/3.4
MEC 5442Ku/DBS350/30010043/5129*FEWR 627.5/3.4
MEC 545213.75 - 14.55001006040FEWR 758.5/3.9
MEC 545513.75 - 14.55001006040GRIDWR 758.5/3.9
MEC 546617.3 - 18.4450/50010045/4732*FEWR 629.0/4.1
MEC 5530L27.0 - 30.025010037/4025FEWR 287.0/3.2
MEC 5530H30.0 - 31.025010036/3725FEWR 287.0/3.2
MEC 552343.5 - 45.512510030/3323FEWR 227.0/3.2


Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice
Teledyne MEC TWTs are controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and can only be exported via a U.S. Department of State export license. A few model numbers, as so identified, require a U.S. Department of Commerce Export License. They may not be transferred, transshipped on a non-continuous voyage, or otherwise be disposed of in any other country, either in their original form or after being incorporated into other end-items, without the prior written approval of the U.S. Department of State.

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